Leadership Coaching Testimonial

Sidharth Jain


“Way out of mid-life crisis….”

“Coaching as a concept was only known to me in the context of sports. You need a coach to observe the way you play or do a physical activity. Hence, when I was stuck in my mid-life crisis, I was advised by one of my well-wishers to take coaching on understanding the way forward.

Then I was introduced to team Phrenimos as my coach, and the objective was cleared in the first interaction. Initially, I had doubts about how will I get coached as we were in different cities. When they mentioned that the sessions could be managed on the phone, I was susceptive of the results. But I was guided so well. I loved the team’s listening capacity and clarity of thought on coaching as a subject. Coach’s guidance during our conversations helped me understand myself well and achieve my goals.

I appreciate their professional approach in explaining the coaching process well in advance and following up on the actions. Coach not only could address my Intelligent Quotient but also my Emotional Quotient. Team Phrenimos has a very meticulous, disciplined and professional approach. I will and have recommended them to many of my friends facing personal or professional issues.”