Leadership Coaching Testimonial

Vipul Goyal


“Career transition…”

I came in touch with the coaches at Phrenimos a few months back and struck a chord with them in the very first meeting, especially due to the refreshing clarity of thoughts, ingenuity and a compelling framework they laid out for the subsequent coaching engagement and schedule. Throughout the coaching engagement, they posed some fundamental questions, which made me introspect, come back with answers, confusions, insecurities around these basic questions and have a healthy discussion afterward. This helped me deal effectively with those confusions and uncertainties and decide on the future course of action with a clear mind.

While the entire 3-step “Career Transition” framework of “Assessing Opportunity,” “Implementing Search” and “Managing Transition” was outstanding, there were three specific areas of learning which were eye-opening for me –

  • PIE Model for Career Success
  • Power of Networking and how to go about “climbing the ladder” of Networking contact
  • How to go about defining your professional objective.

In a nutshell, coaching provided by Phrenimos during the 8-week engagement was invaluable, and I am confident, will benefit me immensely for the rest of my professional and personal life. It has been a pleasure evolving with Phrenimos.