Transformational Leadership Skills Training to Enhance Your Career

Are you going through a transition in your personal and professional life?
Are you seeking to empower your team with strong leadership skills?

Human instinct pushes each one of us to attain clarity of purpose, formulate a process and try to achieve extraordinary results in all that we do. We may choose different methods & we will be guided by our set of distinct personal goals. Our methodology is what would differentiate us from others. Yet, in the complexities of everyday life, there are situations when we stand at the crossroads and wonder what to do next. Call it confusion or indecisiveness or risk-taking or just a lack of effective communication skills, it is during these times that we look for “direction.” We look for some transformational leadership training to help us modify our lives.


Improved Performance, Effective Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management, Clarity of Purpose



Enhanced Vision, Strategy, Goal setting & Road Map to Growth



Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Team Management, Organisational Skills, Soft Skills, Conflict Management


Why Choose Us?

Clarity, Vision, Success, Life Transformation


is one of our most powerful tools of building a trusting relationship.


to help clients reach success - we never give up on anybody!


is the unbiased reflection on what the other person feels, experiences and says, without analysis or criticism.


allows us to build a strong rapport with our clients so they comfortable and safe with us.
Transformational leadership skills training


to chart out the path to success, set goals and act on them


towards all - to not evaluate or give opinions on our coachee's choices.


so we fully understand the real and hidden issues that act as barriers to success.


of our approach to coaching which has allowed us to help thousands achieve success and peak performance.

Why Coaching and Mentoring is Important

Coaching and mentoring in today’s time, its effectiveness and various benefits! Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly necessary in today’s time. It is being used for both personal and professional development. Mentoring/Coaching helps to build a positive and concrete change in individuals and to boost the transfer of knowledge.

Behavioral skill training programs’ effects and module

Training Module All of us may have heard this before that having the right skill sets will get us a job, but good behavior and attitude towards the work will help us keep the job. A few years back I used to think that behavior change in people was.

What Our Clients Say.

How We Work at Phrenimos

PHRENIMOS stands for a core belief that Transformational leadership skills training revolves around helping people work on the “inside” (MINDSET) in order to get any change on the “outside” (BEHAVIOUR). It is a management consulting and leadership coaching firm and comprises a team of qualified coaches whose aspiration is to help people mark their way towards self-improvement and success. The coaches work on the individual’s way of thinking and his approach towards life to help him with his outward behavior and thinking. This further helps in transforming the organisational culture around too.

The company offers three main programs – FIRST, PRIDE, DEER. Each of these programs caters to different aspects of leadership skills training and subsequent requirements of Individuals, Executives, and Corporate Organization respectively. For an individual, factors such as personal growth, advancement in the field of work and job security are important which affect his overall confidence level.

FIRST program specializes in providing appropriate assistance in self-evaluation, confidence growth, career development and personal growth.

PRIDE is a model designed to help executives who often face challenges such as leading their juniors to a new level of growth or even managing their teams to their caliber. This program helps to analyze the weaknesses of the team, guides to affect paradigm shift, work collaboratively and focus on professional success. Different leadership styles are talked about so that professionals

Lack of effective communication skills, especially with the seniors, is a barrier that imposes a major challenge to establish team management on a large scale. Developing and enhancing the leadership skills, and increasing & sustaining the commitment among senior-level executives is even more troublesome. DEER program has been formed with the aim of assisting corporations and providing transformational leadership skills training.