COMPASS ACC to PCC Bridge Program

ACSTH ACC to PCC Bridge Program

PCC Program Overview:

The 125 hours Program forms continues from the foundation for professional coaching established during the ACC journey. Key focus breakdown of our program is as below:

Coaching Fundamentals – To equip you the basic tools of Coaching, Coaching Philosophy, ICF Code of ethics, Coaching best practices

Effective Communication – To equip you with powerful questioning techniques, Mastering and using silence, Pause and presence in the coaching process, demonstrating ethical and ICF competencies, Model to create Impact and influence

Coaching Mastery – To equip you with coaching presence and finding a niche in a development area using Coaching Transformation, Principles of team and group coaching

Psychological Mastery – Focuses on Personality type Orientation Coaching using Psychometric reports and tools; Appreciative Inquiry , Awareness about self and being in the moment

Developing mastering own coaching philosophy – To help coaches be successful in their own coaching philosophy in helping their clients succeed

Emotional Intelligence – Importance of EI coaching, Working with Values, Beliefs and Attitudes

NLP and Neuroscience – Leveraging NLP and REBT concepts – ‘Reprograming’ in Coaching; SCARF model, psychological safety

Appreciative Inquiry – Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organisational change which focuses on strengths rather than on weaknesses

Who Can Attend the Program?

All those people who