What Our Clients Say.

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“Career transition…” I came in touch with the coaches at Phrenimos a few months back and struck a chord with them in the very first meeting, especially due to the refreshing clarity of thoughts, ingenuity and a compelling framework they laid out for the subsequent coaching engagement and schedule. Throughout the coaching engagement, they posed […]

Vipul Goyal


“Way out of mid-life crisis….” “Coaching as a concept was only known to me in the context of sports. You need a coach to observe the way you play or do a physical activity. Hence, when I was stuck in my mid-life crisis, I was advised by one of my well-wishers to take coaching on […]

Sidharth Jain


“Clarity of Vision and Perspective…” It was great talking to the Phrenimos team today – has helped me a lot. Now I have a clear vision of what I can do and how to accomplish that. Today’s call was an eye-opener because other than learning new things, I learned the old ones with a new […]

Manoj Sharma