How to Successfully Primary Teach English One-to-One steps

Whether you’re looking to increase your salary or want to transition to a more flexible teaching schedule, you might be considering becoming a one-on-one primary English tutor in Perth. Private tutoring can be a very rewarding experience. Learn about the pros and cons of becoming a private English teacher and find out how to get started.

Before you jump into teaching English one-on-one, make sure this position is right for you. Consider the pros and cons of the job to decide if the added responsibility of private teaching is something you’re ready to take on.

Advantages of English tutoring

There are many advantages of giving private English lessons. For many, these include the flexibility, experience, and income the job provides.

Individual teaching of any kind is based on your schedule. Whether tutoring is your only job or more of a side job, lessons are delivered on your time.

The very nature of private tutoring requires that you tailor instruction to the needs of students. The experience you’ll gain in differentiating single-student instruction, consistently tapping into learning styles and intelligences, is invaluable and will enhance your practice across the board.

It goes without saying that you will earn more money if you start working more, but some full-time tutors even earn as much as professors by working fewer hours. There are many variables involved, but private tutoring is always quite lucrative.

Disadvantages of English Tutoring

Tutoring also has its drawbacks. These include the travel, instability, and unpredictability that come with teaching private lessons.

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