For strong business results-Know the difference Coaching makes!

What separates the winner from the losers? What gets some organizations strong business results?

It is not always about talent as at the most elite levels everyone is supremely talented. It is, therefore, the difference coaching makes.

Coaching is not just important, it is, in fact, the X-factor that makes a big difference in the business.

What shall entrepreneurs and leaders do to lead organizations to strong business results?

As entrepreneurs and leaders in any organization, one must embrace coaching instead of attempting himself/herself to manage one’s people. This will yield dramatic improvements and results. People drive the numbers; numbers don’t drive people. A leader or an entrepreneur must view the organization as a team and employees as players just like in sports. Every day should be a performance review. If one were to understand the difference coaching makes, one would see results soaring too.

What do great and successful leaders and Entrepreneurs do? Do they coach their people or just manage the numbers?

Great executives/leaders/entrepreneurs are not the only ones who have a coach. Elite participants in any field have the self-awareness to realise that one cannot see the picture when he/she is trapped inside a given frame. They value the difference coaching makes and therefore they want a coach as good coaches see things which we don’t see in ourselves. It is what they do, and this is precisely why one must invest in having an outside set of eyes that can objectively look at your situation from a different vantage point. It will return significant dividends.

What is the difference coaching makes in an organization?

As per a recent study, coaching brings the following effective results in organizations:

  • Strong business results
  • effectively engages employees
  • Higher employee productivity

Another study revealed similar results, indicating that the culture of coaching has a substantial and positive impact, leading to strong business results.

Why do coaching and coaches yield dramatic improvement?

  • It can precisely be attributed to trust.
  • When one knows that the coach is trying to bring out the best in you, not just the company/organization or its bottom line, it induces an exceptional amount of trust.
  • The coach takes you to your highest potential, which is craved by all.
  • In high performing organizations Coaches help the leaders realise that they should be coaching the teams, not managing them. As they say, “You coach people. You manage inventories.”
  • The ideal way to manage people in an organization is by investing time in them through a coach. It is not required to spend plenty of time, just purposeful, consistent and quality time would give excellent results in due course of time.
  • A coach checks in with employees each day and asks them how they are doing and what can be done to help them which can do wonders for the team as well as the organization.
  • There are people in groups and organizations who won’t speak up and ask for help in meetings, but during one on one they are open and will share the challenges and concerns.
  • Thus a coach creates an atmosphere in an organization whereby employees learn to not ”work for the leader” but ”work with the leader”.
  • Employees thus invest in the company’s success.

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