Grokking System Design Interview course

The Grokking System Design course for Interview is a comprehensive guide to mastering IDEs. They have carefully chosen a set of questions that have been repeatedly asked by leading companies and an added bonus is that they also provide comprehensive expertise in handling any system design issues.

Some advantages of this course are:

Covers dozens of popular designs.
Includes a step-by-step explanation of basic, intermediate and advanced concepts.
Includes more than 100 illustrations to complement the questions.
One downside of the course is that Design challenges are arranged randomly and no specific ranking method is used.

Grokking the System Design Interview is a short, practical and concise course that has been divided into two sections. System design tools include 22 code snippets, 2 coding play areas, and more than 100 illustrations that help reinforce critical concepts.

In general, the course is good if your goal is to become familiar with the different types of systems design questions that are asked during the interview. So, I would say that the course is worth buying but it would have been better if the questions were updated according to the times.

If you feel that you need information not only regarding the questions that may or may not be asked during the interview, but also some real guidance from the mentors who are still working at FAANG and information about the course supplemented with different assignments, I suggest you opt for Advanced Problem Solving Using Systems Design course offered by Tutort Academy.

This course offered by Tutort Academy is made by mentors who are alumni of different NIT, IIT, IIM, and also active professionals from FAANG and other top-level companies. Not only have they structured the course syllabus in such a way that they meet industry standards, but they also make sure that everything is up to date according to the latest changes made and that nothing is out of date or irrelevant. Some important features of the course are:

The course is provided by mentors who are from FAANG and other top-tier multinational companies. Mentors use their personal experience as they teach and guide you as they use their real-life experience in their companies as a reference to give importance to the kinds of questions to become familiar with.

Mentors provide placement assistance to help you with all parts of the interview process. This helps to ensure that the student receives clear guidance and strategy for carrying out the job application process. This placement assistance is provided in the form of 1: 1 mock interviews, profiling optimization, and profiling.

There is also the Flexible Pass option that will help you if you are a working professional and want to study while continuing your work. It does this by granting you access to classes from different batches and also access to the LMS portal where you can view the recorded lectures at your leisure.

All the classes are live interactive sessions where you can chat with the mentors in real time and there are also 1: 1 clarification sessions to clear up any questions you may have. In case you cannot continue the classes, you can get a 100% refund of your money if it is within the first 2 weeks from the start of the course.

When you visit the website, an expert gives you a profile review and then connects directly with a mentor who will guide you through the course if it fits your requirements.

Therefore, I conclude by saying that the Grokking the System Design Interview course is worth it if your goal is just to prepare for the kind of questions that will be asked during the interview. But remember that some of these topics have become outdated and may not be relevant. Whereas, if you want not only assistance with placement, but a host of other features as well, I advise you to join the Advanced Troubleshooting by System Design course offered by Tutort Academy.

All the best and remember to do your own research by visiting the official websites too!

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