Behavioral skill training programs’ effects and module

Training Module

All of us may have heard this before that having the right skill sets will get us a job, but good behavior and attitude towards the work will help us keep the job.

A few years back I used to think that behavior change in people was impossible. But, I was wrong. Today technology has affected the way we work, and learn, and behavioral skill training programs are not untouched.

Therefore to have an effective training program one must discuss different ways to impart behavioral skill training at the workplace especially if you are someone who is associated with leadership coaching/training, or learning and development.

But, Are Behavioral skill training programs effective?

Today e-learning has become the most popular trend in the industry, and hence behavior analyst finds short learning modules extremely successful in training programs on a variety of subjects.

What makes the short learning modules the secret sauce for effective behavioral skill training/coaching programs?

Builds Emotional Bond

  • We all are aware that emotions carry the strength to enhance the learner’s engagement in any given training program. Only instructing the employees on the positives of behavior change does not work.
  • To make things work, we must weave a story that strikes an emotional chord in a short learning module that helps to foster an emotional connection with learners.
  • We expect positive behavior changes while and after imparting behavioral training to employees. And such change is brought through microlearning modules that build an emotional connection with learners.
  • For example the very popular TED talks. TED talks are not more than 18 minutes, and it’s because of the short time and the persuasive style that it instantly connects the speaker with the audience.
  • Thus tugging the learners’ heartstrings with a short learning module can bring positive outcomes to behavioral skill training.

Helps in Developing Positive Attitude

  • A training program is bound to fail if it is forced upon the employees as any change cannot be forced.
  • Thus short learning modules must be taken into consideration as learners have the freedom and compliance in such training program to choose when, and where they want to learn.
  • This, in turn, helps employees develop a positive attitude towards learning. Because in microlearning, learners do not come across a lot of content and chunks of information that are relatable, let the employees set goals, and in the process, facilitates successful completion of the behavioral training program or leadership coaching/training.
  • Thus helping them stay focused on the learning path.

Long-term Impact Training

  • Short learning modules are focused on meeting a specific learning objective. It’s not enough if the employees only retain information; they must also be able to apply what they have learned.
  • Behavioral skill training can get success only if positive changes in employees are exhibited.
  • Microlearning, therefore, is the perfect behavior approach to deliver sticky learning.
  • Today’s young and upbeat workforce could not be captivated with traditional training programs. The companies want training that is short and sweet, yet durable and sturdy.
  • Challenge-based short learning modules deliver high-impact training that is capable of bringing about a significant change in employees’ behavior.

Allows Easy Reinforcement

  • Positive reinforcement is quintessential in behavioral skill training programs.
  • A behavioral training program is of no use if it is restricted to a one-time session. Behavioral skill training programs have to be a never-ending process to produce positive and high impact results.
  • Microlearning modules if made accessible to employees make comfortable reinforcement of behavioral training.
  • Like any other training program, imparting behavioral training is all about uniting with the learners, and short learning modules have a very high and promising chance of delivering highly engaging content.

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