Why Coaching and Mentoring is Important

Why Coaching and Mentoring is Important

Coaching and mentoring in today’s time, its effectiveness and various benefits!

Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly necessary in today’s time. It is being used for both personal and professional development. Mentoring/Coaching helps to build a positive and concrete change in individuals and to boost the transfer of knowledge from the coach/mentor to the individual.

In case of organisations and companies, coaching and mentoring become profoundly beneficial for the career growth of their employees. Thus various entities in their organisational systems have implemented mentoring or coaching.

At the workplace, mentoring or coaching is practised when the management notices that there are employees who must improve their potentials to achieve better in and through their jobs by being more prolific. Those employees who need to strengthen their skills, working behaviour lapses and problems with performance output are trained under the supervision of a coach or a mentor. After assessing the lacunae and shortcomings of a workplace, it is recommended to go either for coaching or mentoring.

The company usually delegates a coach for either a particular department or for the whole organisation.

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What are the benefits yielded by Coaching or mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring extend broadly from the coach/mentor to the learner and the organisation as a whole.

Following reasons explain why it is essential for companies/organisations to coach and mentor its people:

  • Further enhancement of their skill level, problem analysis and strategic thinking
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Promotes their professional and personal growth
  • Boosts individual appreciation and self-confidence
  • Recognizes weaker sections and converts them into potential successes
  • Enhances problem analysis
  • Helps in developing a healthy relationship with the management and supervisor.
  • Helps to lessen the sense of low self-esteem and disappointment.
  • Provides perspective to think about a better work role and career.

How an organisation gets benefited?

An organisation is benefitted in the following ways:-

  • An advantage of having more skilled and well-performing employees and thus better service.
  • Greater employee retention.
  • Human resources are utilised to its fullest.
  • Greater possibilities of attaining goals and success.
  • The succession plan is planned and drawn in advance.
  • Developed skill set and expertise of the employees.
  • Communication within the workplace and organisation as a whole is improved.
  • Company culture and ethics gets strengthened.

How Coaching and Mentoring sessions work?

The effectiveness and impact of coaching and mentoring sessions to the individuals working in an organisation work in the following ways:-

  • There is a collaborative environment in the workplace wherein professional training is productive, and employees are willing and committed to expand, improve and develop themselves.
  • The management recognises the requirements of the employees for professional learning that must be attained to raise organisational standards and yardsticks.
  • There are standard methods and sets of styles for mentoring and coaching programs.
  • To incorporate coaching and to mentor, the work roles of employees are redefined.
  • The appointed coaches/mentors have the critical personal and professional characteristics and experiences needed for effective coaching. These experts also provide constant coaching and improvement required for the development of the employees.
  • The employees also understand the requirement and duty of attaining professional as well as personal growth.
  • Thus there is an all-round assessment of the effect of coaching/mentoring on individuals and the organisation.

How Coaching/Mentoring benefits one and all?

Coaching/Mentoring yields significant benefits to the organization, the individuals and the coach or mentors themselves. Thus the implementation of coaching and mentoring in the workplace becomes an excellent contribution to the overall development of the individual and organisations. This is why these programs are incorporated as a regular practice in the organisational system in the present time.

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