Our Approach

Coaching is a process where the ‘coach’ helps the ‘client’ find solution to a problem or goal using effective and thought-provoking questions. It is important for the coach to follow a proven process that helps the client to express and find solutions in a safe and confidential environment. To facilitate this process coach can adopt a generic model or specific model that he/she has developed to support the client.

COMPASS© defines our philosophy and approach at Phrenimos. Compass, as the word means, helps people find directions they need when they develop clarity on where to head. At Phrenimos we have developed our powerful coaching model that enables our coach to structure the conversations with clients that is empowering, insightful and success driven.

COMPASS© is an abbreviation where the coach – dances in the moment with the client to work through defining the goal, brainstorming and facilitating solutions and working through sustainable accountability parameters to find effective solutions. This model could be used in any coaching scenarios such as Executive coaching, life coaching, performance coach etc. to name a few.

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