Personal Growth – How to curb Procrastination!

Personal Growth

One trait that we all have in common is that when we start something, we become more inclined to finish it.  Thus once we begin a job/task, only in rare situations do we discard it.  But for many starting or continue with a job can and is a challenge. We tend to postpone our tasks […]


Leadership – A Journey, not a Destination!

Importance of leadership-Leadership Journey

It is common practice to speak about the importance of leadership, especially it being an objective to be attained – as if, it is a level that you require to demonstrate that you have reached the pinnacle of accomplishment. Leadership skills and Leadership management actually goes beyond this. This methodology tends to make the notion […]


5 Steps to Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership

There has been ample talk of “Conscious Leadership” in many seminars that we have been attending, and we often find myself answering questions on what it is all about. So when we were offered an opportunity to conduct an open program on “Conscious Leadership”, 2 weeks back, we went ahead. “While we teach, we learn,” […]


Mr. HR Manager, There is an elephant called ‘trust’ in the room!!!!

HR has to work more to make employees trust people and organizations

A large proportion of our working population is employed in the corporate sector. HR managers are always seeking the best talent for their companies. And while an enormous amount of effort goes into hiring people very few resources are directed towards empowering them with the tools and leadership skills that ensure sustained commitment and optimum […]


8 Attributes of Effective Coaching

Effective Coaching

The primary focus of a Coach is to assist you in developing the skills required to maximize your performance. The coach does this by pushing you to reflect on the key ingredients for growth & learning. Once you are engaged with a coach, he strives to walk with you through your entire journey. The primary […]


What is coaching?

characteristics of transformational leadership

In the current scenario the word Coaching is gradually coming to become a part of almost everybody’s lives. But do people actually know what coaching is? Is it a way of simply telling people what to do or helping them in reflecting on their issue and generating new insights? Most people just assume if they […]