How to become a Good leader?

How to become a good leader?

To become a leader one who must possess these two qualities, one of the heart and the other of the head that is- Sensitivity and Sensibility. We often see people who are very sensible but at the same time not sensitive. This is so because they are so focused on reason and on being rational […]


What leaders can learn from being a parent

leadership management skills

Most of us do not get trained to be a parent. Approaching parenthood invites thoughts & suggestions on how to handle & manage a newborn.  In early days, the focus remains on getting the basics right, but it is during this period that the baby starts to develop, begins to understand you, and starts to […]


Leadership – A Journey, not a Destination!

Importance of leadership-Leadership Journey

It is common practice to speak about the importance of leadership, especially it being an objective to be attained – as if, it is a level that you require to demonstrate that you have reached the pinnacle of accomplishment. Leadership skills and Leadership management actually goes beyond this. This methodology tends to make the notion […]


5 Steps to Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership

There has been ample talk of “Conscious Leadership” in many seminars that we have been attending, and we often find myself answering questions on what it is all about. So when we were offered an opportunity to conduct an open program on “Conscious Leadership”, 2 weeks back, we went ahead. “While we teach, we learn,” […]