How can we obtain organizational goals by enhancing employee skills through behavioral training modules?

behavioral training modules

Skill improvement through behavioral training modules Today learning and training has become a strategic component of the strategic HR mission of business leaders as well as HR executives in an organisation. Leveraging integrated talent applications to drive optimal employee performance is also trending these days. Off late out of many behavioral training modules e-learning has […]


Building an appropriate Coaching Style through Authenticity & Peer Management

Appropriate Coaching Style

Deepak Sawhney has worn numerous ‘labels’ in his career, such as Business coach, Entrepreneur coach, leadership coach, and a certified human potential coach. Regardless of all the titles bestowed upon him, he simply has found a way to weave Leadership/entrepreneurial/management skills, and various philosophies into one appropriate coaching style that he’s pretty much made his […]


8 Reasons You could need a Coach

Career satisfaction and professional accomplishments

We need a coach to cater to enhance both our career satisfaction and professional accomplishments. Given these, not having a coach could limit your career success. That’s why we need coaches as they help you identify and focus on what’s essential, which accelerates your progress. Good coaches can help in the following manner: They help […]


Top 5 Reasons Leaders Need an Executive Coach

Leaders Need an Executive Coach

Why leaders need an executive coach? In an interview given to a magazine leading entrepreneur & certified executive coach Mr. Deepak Sawhney said that no matter how well-trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own. In this regard where people cannot continue their best performance, we need coaches. The best coaches […]


Importance of Strong Leadership in a Business Organization

leadership coaching and leadership skill

The process where a person influences attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts of others in a business organization is Leadership or example of excellent leadership skill.   How important is it to have a Strong leadership in an organization? Leadership is a means of guiding authorities in an organization. Leadership skills include initiation, influence, and inspiring the […]


Managing HR capabilities for MSMEs

Managing HR capabilities for MSMEs
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  • Oct 13, 2017
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Mr. Deepak Sawhney, founder of PHRENIMOS and a certified human potential coach, executive coach, leadership coach participated as one of the key speakers in the ‘Strategic HR Conclave’ organized in Chandigarh by the CII Northern Region Headquarters, on October 11, 2017. The session was organized to focus on ‘Developing HR Capabilities that matter in MSMEs.’ […]