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The story behind Leadership skills training, development and career growth

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Charismatic Leadership

“This name isn’t going to work!”
“I can’t even pronounce it!”
“Isn’t this like a tongue-twister??!!!”
“Why can’t you just call yourselves a Charismatic Leadership Coaching firm?”

Of course, we can. We could even call ourselves a Transformational Leadership Firm. But we chose not to.

Instead, we chose to stick to our conviction, our work philosophy and our penchant for going beyond the obvious, the apparent and the “take-this-path-because-it-is-simpler” approach.

So, amidst these comments – and some more – we decided to stick to this name – because it resonates our thought process, our vision and our story like nothing else does. Our essence revolves around creating Charismatic Leadership.

How does ‘Phrenimos’ reflect our philosophy?

Our team comprises experts who have spent years working as independent professionals or in senior positions in corporations, educational institutions, and even the public sector. Or some are entrepreneurs in their right and have seen the various shades of the struggle that comes as part and parcel of venturing out on one’s own. Their experience has enabled them to develop different perspective on Leadership styles, leadership qualities, leadership theories, characteristics of a leader.

In over 20 years of struggle we have seen one common factor in dealing with various sections of a workforce – Eventually, it is an individual’s mindset and attitude in life which determines just how far a person can progress. We have also seen people gradually recognize the importance of soft skills in the working environment and the need to develop and improve these skills. Whether it is charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, autocratic leadership, authentic leadership or even other leadership styles, the seed of growth of any of these in an individual mindset.

As team leaders, all of us had different experiences in how to deal with conflict management, conflict resolution, goal setting, vision building and attaining success.

The Root of the Name

When we came together for this venture to impart our learning to those at a crossroads in their life, the single most vital word that kept flashing in our discussions was “mindset.” We, from our experience, understood the need of top leaders for conflict management, conflict resolution, development of soft skills and much more.  Along with this, we were aware that our work approach focuses on an “inside-out” methodology. Meaning thereby, that one works on what is “within” to affect what is on the “outer.”

A hungry quest for the right combination got us to the Greek Word “Phronimos.” This implies wisdom, prudence. Specifically, it means:

“Personal perspective regulating outward behavior, “the root of the English term “diaphragm” which controls vital body functions from the inside out.

Properly, “how we size things up,” reflecting our personal (“visceral”) opinions, i.e., what we consider “savvy” (smart).

As we continued exploring, we learned about the root of this concept – the “phrenic nerve.” This is the nerve that goes from behind the neck and down the thorax, to control the diaphragm. Since it controls all motor signals to the Diaphragm, it is crucial for breathing, and hence for life!

This is the nerve that aids the human body from within. It monitors what is happening inside and leads to a life-giving function on the outside namely, breathing.

This interplay of words reflecting our core philosophy led us on to this combination – And PHRENIMOS was born!

Working from ‘within’ is exactly what ‘coaching’ does. Coaching is the key to finding a way to us to deal with the mindset, goal attainment, flourishment of soft skills, achieving potentials, conflict management, and conflict resolution through tools such as management consulting, effective communication skills and more.

You work on your ‘inside.’ And then, make it strike a winning note on the outside. Self-analysis leads to self- improvement which in turn becomes the turning point of your life. The evolution of transformational leadership, charismatic leadership etc. that we seek comes from within us. It’s the only way, the only solution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”consulta-right-sidebar”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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