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With PRIDE, the Coach interacts with the Coachee to help him explore various Possibilities that an Entrepreneur could avail of and the Potential that he has to excel. Close to this is the Reality Assessment that follows. This helps an individual become aware of where he stands in life at present.

Once the potential is understood, and the realities are clear, an individual can open up his Imagination to the various business Ideas he can implement to achieve all possibilities. He can envision new ways of goal achievement. Ideation leads him towards the Development of an action plan. Coaching Enables him to learn how to Execute the plans towards a transformational path.

Take the case of two typical Entrepreneurs.

Nikhil and Akshat (names changed on request) had been classmates in Engineering College. With their sharp minds, they developed a new water treatment technology. Even though they did not have the family resources, they showed the courage and fortitude to start their establishment.

They had a good product, and the initial momentum brought them some success. However, in about two years, they felt they were stagnating. The establishment wasn’t growing, expansion plans were not clear, personal problems were taking up time away from R&D, and credit limits were getting stretched.

All this triggered anxiety and self-doubt which affected the – “successful entrepreneurs” status. Their mutual trust was eroding, and business wasn’t “fun” anymore. They realized what they needed was Entrepreneurial Skills Training and Development Coach.

That’s when they came to us for help.

As entrepreneur coach, we realized very early in our conversations that these bright young men had all the answers, but they weren’t asking the right questions. They were questioning themselves – “What is entrepreneurship?”Their growth strategy would evolve naturally if they focused their energies on the right set of variables and business ideas.

So as a committed entrepreneur coach, we started with by building a professional relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We listened and listened more–often for hours so that we could put ourselves in their shoes and understand their goals, and motivations.

We asked probing open-ended questions.

  • Could they spell out a vision?
  • Where did they see their enterprise and themselves five years from now?
  • Were they aware of what actions would be required to get there?
  • Did they have a clear idea of what resources would be needed to get there?

What did they think should be the qualities of an entrepreneur?

The objective was to push them towards a crystal-clear vision of where they were going.

Over the numerous discussions and interactions, solutions started to formulate. The two men, with the support of their Business Consultants, explored various possibilities and opportunities. Through entrepreneurship development training, strategic plans began their journey of growth and development.

By the end of our sessions, Nikhil and Akshat had articulated a clear vision for their establishment. In our capacity as a business coach for entrepreneurial skills training and development, we defended their dream and provided active support to their entrepreneur ideas. We had to make sure that they didn’t just see their vision – that they felt it, and more importantly, they owned it.

Since all the answers came from INSIDE, there was greater buy-in and confidence. This is in concurrence with our core fundamental of working that

“..a change inside is what determines the outward behavior.”

The two ambitious men successfully implemented the changes developed during the entrepreneurial skills training and development session and started seeing results soon after. Of course, new problems can – and will – crop up as their establishment grows. That is but natural.

But the focussed PRIDE approach empowered them to seek and find their solutions in the future – to know which questions to ask themselves, to help them understand their possibilities and potential, do a realistic assessment, fuel their imagination to achieve possibilities, develop an action plan, then execute and enable the action plan.

Sometimes, even the most the most successful entrepreneurs require to assess their position and transform to a new level. Business coach for entrepreneurial skills training and development helps with this and hence, explore various entrepreneur ideas to achieve success.

A business coach for entrepreneurs plays various roles. He

  • Helps in brainstorming new ideas linking them to your desires and intentions.
  • Helps in gaining a new perspective.
  • Guides you toward your own goals.
  • Challenges the individual to strategize and develop his goals.
  • Dares your thinking, your willingness to achieve your goals and grow.

Many such entrepreneurs have benefitted from this program and have used PRIDE to walk their way to success.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”consulta-right-sidebar” el_class=”sidebar-right”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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