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Skill and Career Development Firm

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Management Consulting Firm for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Corporates

We assist you in unlocking your Potential to maximize your Growth

When did you last turn to somebody for advice?
If you did, were you able to adhere to all of it?
Did you get everything you were seeking from your advisor?
Did you even enjoy talking?

When confronted with tough situations, people look for ‘understanding’ more than ‘advice.’ Easy going, informal exchange or conversations have a deeper impact than discussions which focus on opinions.

Human instinct wants to identify things clearly in mind and to live powerfully and achieve extraordinary results.

But there are moments when we find ourselves at the crossroads: confused, afraid, unsettled and lacking motivation. There is no clarity on direction. It is in these situations one seeks somebody who can ‘listen,’ understand and show the path.

People have gradually come to realise that even if they have all the technical skills and knowledge, without soft skills they cannot accomplish their goals.

The best help almost always comes from within, but unleashing true potential often requires a catalyst – an outsider who can provide an unbiased and non-judgmental assessment of reality and push our focus back to what is important.

This catalyst can be a spouse, friend or a professional coach. And, that’s where our professional coaches/career builders at PHRENIMOS, the skill and career development firm, come in.

Our team recognizes the need for career development and skill development in the present world scenario. Most of the world’s top performers rely on a coach to assist in unleashing the potential within them. With the help of effective communication skills and career counselling we assist people gain confidence in themselves to achieve what they seek.

At Phrenimos, the skill and career development firm, we do this by setting goals and making decisions to achieve these goals.

We don’t define your ambitions or your purpose. That can only come from within you. Our job is to sharpen your focus on career objectives and to empower you with the knowledge of what it takes to achieve peak performance. Being a skill and career development firm, our team is well aware of the fact that career guidance, career advice and career counselling is crucial to your goal accomplishment.

Our focus is the human mind – the hub of thoughts, decisions, and ideas. As career builders, our job is to shift the mind’s eye in a way that it allows individuals to focus clearly on what it takes to achieve optimal performance.

oughts, decisions, and ideas. As coaches, our job is to shift the mind’s eye in a way that it allows individuals to focus clearly on what it takes to achieve optimal performance.

Our Approach

Our interaction with you follows this simple methodology:

Skill and Career Development Firm


  • Listen a lot and ask questions
  • Facilitate new thinking by giving meaningful feedback
  • Help you reflect and gain clarity about hindrances that stop you from exploring your full potential
  • Build complete trust and confidentiality for your comfort.
  • Motivate you to ‘act’ on your goals
  • Provide assistance in honing your soft skills
  • Assist in clearing the cobwebs and dilemmas you face
  • Support you as you transition successfully to your new self.

Coaching is about leading somebody towards ‘self-improvement;’ provide guidance in career choices, career planning; give career advice; identify career opportunities. This comes from opening up the mind to enhanced possibilities, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. All these work towards greater clarity of thought & purpose, better goal formulating, skill development and a clearer vision for what it takes to improve performance. Only a good career coach knows how he can lead you to self-improvement through his expertise in career planning, management consulting, career services, effective communication skills, etc.

Whether it is an individual or an organization that seeks our assistance or career guidance our aim is to use a non-judgmental approach to encourage people into a greater clarity of what their life’s direction is. This leads people to chart out their paths towards improved performance levels in all spheres of life.

Who needs a Career Coach?

You are an individual in transition. You need clarity of purpose, but life events have diminished your confidence. You seem to be stuck and cannot unlock the motivation required to get over the hump. There might also be some underlying relationship issues, or other personal challenges driving this behavior.

The bottom line is that you are not moving forward and not performing at your optimal best. Frustration is setting in and making progress even more difficult.

Thoughts like “The answer will come to me later.” or “Things will work themselves out.” don’t work. Procrastination only leads to increased anxiety, worry, or anger.

Our FIRST™ personal growth and development model is a step by step approach that can help you get unstuck and make the transition to peak performance. We become friends and partners to your mindset and help identify the critical areas that require attention. The idea is to fire up your mind and rekindle the imagination to alternative possibilities is. Further, you grow towards recognizing and rediscover your strengths and identify blind spots. Together we draw up a plan for success that will ultimately lead to the transformation you seek.

Or you are an entrepreneur who has risked everything to start a venture. Initial success has turned into indecision, and you have started doubting whether you have what it takes to succeed in business. You seem to have forgotten why you got into the business in the first place.

Our successful PRIDE™ program helps you rekindle the motivation that pushed you into entrepreneurship in the first place. We,

help you see the possibilities and unlock the potential of your ideas

listen to you and give you an objective assessment to ensure that you are better able to reassess your path forward.

As an entrepreneurial idea matures, the day to day process of running a business often dulls the imagination that is at the heart of every entrepreneur being. As coaches, with the help of management consulting and other tools, we rekindle that imagination and enable you to find the missing ingredient that drives performance, success, and happiness.

Or, you are a corporate leader looking to motivate your career-minded and high potential employees and sharpen their leadership skills. You want to create a safe and non-threatening environment to push these managers towards peak performance.

Our comprehensive DEER™ program is designed specifically for corporations. We have successfully used this approach to enhance leadership skills and to greatly increase and sustain commitment among senior-level executives. Our one-on-one leadership development programs help in unlocking the barriers that keep many good managers from delivering results.

As a skill and career development firm, we have worked on formulating programs that can assist every being with Charismatic, Authentic, Transformational Leadership, etc.

Innovative companies hire coaches to help their senior leaders and high potentials increase their performance at work. Studies show that organizations with strong coaching cultures report significantly higher than average revenues.

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